Our Packaging

Glass is a REUSE and RECYCLED packaging and also has an advantage of protecting product inside. We use Transparent bottle with a stopper and cap.

Boxing always been one of the cutest form of presentation. The color is soothing and also pot purri adds a fragrance. The box is multipurpose use, you can always store anything. The box size is standard and it can fit into your handbags or any corner.

The bag is designed in our standard packaging requirement, also can be used as multiple time – “Lets says no to Plastic” and adding on a soft ribbon Handle.

It’s always exciting to see some small cute card. And see what’s the personal message inside. Makes you feel special. And Yes, that’s the idea making you feel loved.

The idea of gift card is used in multi ways-

  • You can write Personal Message for someone special.
  • You can add your logo
  • You can use as gift voucher./li>