Welcome to World that feels nothing less than a Vacation! Where your Mind and Body get a chance to slow down after an extremely grueling day or when it’s just the perfect day to indulge in some “Self Love”.

The “Take a Deep Breath Mantra” or “Watch Something Funny” will not always help you zoning out your mind from constant thoughts. A&M’s Founder Meghna Manik believes that, “We need to activate our body’s natural relaxation response to relieve you from psychological stress”.

She constantly takes steps to look after her physical, mental and spiritual need that’s when she decided to introduce a premium range of products that would help you refresh and relax your senses.

After spending months on research and customer surveys we bring to you a superior range of products that contain all the traditional elements infused with aromatic flowers and all-natural ingredients that are necessary to bring your mind to a complete state of rest. You must try it to believe it!