Here is our eco friendly drive –

Sustainable packaging is important to us, as we care for our environment. It reduces the ecological footprint of all the stages in the product’s life cycle. It helps both the production and the customer reduce their environmental impact

How to return Empty Bottle ?

Please drop us an email at Kindly mention your Name, Address and Contact details. We will process your Request. The 5 products should all be of same size eg. 100 ml bottle (5 nos. of 100 ml bottles). Our courier partner will pick up the product from your doorstep. You will receive an SMS on the day of the pick up.

Why would you return an empty bottle?

Because we strive to give you a great customer experience each time you shop with us.

How does Handmade soap packaging serve nature ?

Well, as we love taking care of the environment and also nature. Our soaps are beautifully wrapped with biodegradable gateway paper, all you need to do is just dispose it in wet waste.

Handmade soap packaging – Biodegradable ?

Biodegradable refers to the ability of materials to break down and return to nature. In order for packaging products or materials to qualify as biodegradable, they must completely break down and decompose into natural elements within a short time after disposal – typically a year or less.

TIPS – Making Your Own Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials?

There are a number of ways to make biodegradable and recyclable packaging items at home. Ideas include:

  • Shred newspaper and magazines – this can be used as protective packaging when sending items through the post or storing things at home. The shredded paper will both biodegrade and can be recycled.
  • Food packaging – instead of using disposable food packaging materials, consider using cleaned packaging from other food items. Clean ice cream tubs, for instance, have a variety of uses and reusing them in the home keeps the waste from landfills.
  • Keep packaging to use again – for instance, keep large cardboard boxes or other containers for reuse. This is helpful to the environment as well as being a good way to save money.